SpeedDockSpeedDock® prefabricated airlocks comprise high quality, one, two and three-chamber polythene systems. You can construct a SpeedDock™ in under 10 minutes.
Users no longer have to spend 60 to 90 minutes wrapping, taping, trimming and sealing polythene.

SpeedDock® frames are available in 100, 74 and 60cm sizes, all to a height of 2m, enabling airlocks to be produced in a number of standard options. Any combination of these sizes can be used together to create the right configuration for the job – no matter how challenging the space.

By combining one, two and three-chamber airlocks, you can build a system to fit almost any space.
SpeedDock™ has valuable benefits over existing systems:
Quality construction – zinc electrogalvanised poles protect the frame from rust. Heavy gauge polythene with pre-weighted flaps welded into place provide extra durability

The frame sits outside the airlock tent and does not come into contact with any hazardous waste. It remains clean and ready for immediate use and the frame does not need to be treated as hazardous waste.
Rapid assembly – a unique suspension system*, enables assembly times of under 10 minutes and dismantling times of less than 5 minutes

Versatile – can be erected in an area no larger than its own footprint, making it perfect for tight spaces
High functionality – an uncut external entrance allows flexible positioning of the unit. The end connected to the working area has a welded-on flange to make air-tight enclosure fitting quick and simple

Ready to go – no tape is required and the self-adhesive entrance flap is supplied with warning signs already in place

SpeedDock® chambers conform to the HSE guidlines for the safe removal of asbestos.

The HSE regulations require the use, wherever possible, of 100cm by 2m high airlocks.

* Datasheets and assembly instructions are available for all products from the Downloads page